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Continuing Training

None scheduled at the moment.

Upcoming Tier 2 Topics:

Free Kick and Restart Management
Contact above the Shoulder
Injury Management
Managing the Technical Area

It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can. Even the most experienced refs learn something from every meeting.


Recertification for 2018 will be coming this fall.  Check in here or at the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee website (www.idahosoccerrefs.org) beginning in October for more information .

Fall Junior High Youth Soccer

The fall junior high youth soccer season will be here shortly.  Games usually begin shortly after the school year starts.  No confirmation yet, but we are assuming that Pedro Corona will continue to assign this fall.  Get in touch with Pedro if you are interested in working these matches.  .  



SRSOA officers are: 

President: Rick Spielman

Treasurer: Dan Kotansky 

High School

The District 6 Soccer Rules Clinic is scheduled for August 3.  Coaches meeting at 7 and referee meeting at 8 (but this may change a bit).  This meeting will be held at the Idaho Falls High School.  More information to come.

You must first register for the season at the Idaho High School Activities Association.   Go to www.idhsaa.org and click on the Officials drop down menu.  Then choose Online Registration. Scroll down to teh Current Registrations secition and select 2017-18 Soccer.   You will no be linked into Arbiter and simply follow the instructions from there.  You will need to submit a $40 registration fee.

All officicals must create a new NFHS account.  When on exams.nfhs.org select Register in the top right.  Follow the steps to create your username and password.  Click on NEXT (keep your username and password for future use).  Fill in the required Personal Information.  Click NEXT.  You will then get a confirmation e-mail.  Open the e-mail and click in the link in the message.  Use your new username and password to sign in.  Now you can view Available & Upcoming Exams as well as your Exam History.  

If you do not score 90% or better you may retake the exam up to 5 times.  Once you score 90 or better, you may not retake it.  You must score 85% or better to referee in the state tournament.

Contact either Bobbi Tracy, the District VI Commissioner or Rick Spielman, the District VI Rules Interpreter if you are interested in refereeing high school soccer.

USSF Clinics

Entry Level Referee (Grade 8)
First Presbyterian Church
325 Elm St., Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls

Date: August 18, 2017 (5:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
Date: August 19, 2017 (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)


First, Grade 08 is an entry level referee. You do not need to be in the 8th grade to attend. There has been confusion about this in the past.

There will be six steps that must be completed to become a US Soccer Federation Referee in Idaho.

Register for an Arbiter account.
Pay the 2018 ISRC Clinic fee ($30).
Pay the US Soccer Registration fee ($40).
Sign up for an in-person clinic.
Complete the online modules at US Soccer. These must be completed prior to the in-person clinic. Directions on how to prove completion are below.
Successfully complete the in-person clinic.
Steps 1-4 will be completed by going to the following link: http://idahosoccerrefs.arbitersports.com/front/105684/Registration. Once there select "New Referee 2018" from the menu; Read first Page entitled "Entry Clinic Welcome", then select Next; Complete the remaining steps including "Personal Information", "Background Check", "Additional Information", and "Payment"; If not automatically directed to do so, go to the "Eligibility" tab. There, under "Open", you will now see "1 of 2 Requirements Completed" for "New Referee 2018". When selecting that option, you will then see a link for "Register for In-Person Event". Select that and register for the date which you intend to attend.

Step 5 is to be completed at the following link: http://www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Resource-Center/Online-Training/Grade-8-Referee-Course.aspx. There are 18 modules that must be completed. There is a quiz associated with each module, you need to take and pass all the quizzes and provide some way to prove / show me you have passed them. You can print the certificates out or show me on your smartphone, tablet, etc. Each one of the modules will want a Clinic Number. For this clinic use IF.8.18.2017 as the clinic number. If it asks for a USSF ID number, just leave it blank.

Regarding Step 6: Please bring a notebook and black pen to take notes, but more importantly so that you can take the test at the end of the clinic. YOU MUST REGISTER THROUGH ARBITER to let me know you want to sign up for the class. Please also email me to inform me that you will be attending. Please dress comfortably in clothes that you are willing to run around in. However, also dress modestly. No shorty shorts, tank tops, or other sloppy apparel.

Contact: Rick Spielman crspielman@gmail.com

Interesting Link
Use this link to see a great job by an AR under tough circumstances.  A real credit to the profession.

Check out this link regarding what it takes to be a professional referee.



The web master (LOL) for the SRSOA site is Rick Spielman.  If you have information that should be posted to this site, please send it to him at crpielman@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you may call him in the evenings or text his cell at 208-569-6107.