Association Meetings & Continuing Training
Association meetings will restart in August.  Dates will be established in conjunction with BYSL and high school schedules to assure that all referees who are also players and coaches can participate. 

It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can. Even the most experienced refs learn something from every meeting.


The instructions for your re-certification process are found at the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee website (  It will direct you to access Arbiter and log in to the ISRC - Idaho Central Hub group to process your fee payments.  

Fall Youth Soccer

The fall youth soccer season will begin with the Junior High leagues kicking off in early September.  The referee assignments are conducted in the same manner as occurred during the spring 2018 season.  More details to follow.   



SRSOA officers are: 

President: Rick Spielman

Treasurer: Dan Kotansky 

USSF Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Clinics

A Grade 8 (entry level) referee clinic will be held in Idaho Falls on the evening of Friday, July 27th and the morning of July 28th.  The clinic will be held at the First Presbyterian Church located at 325 Elm Street (about two blocks east of the Museum of Idaho).  For information and to register, go to the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee for clinic information. 

High School Soccer

I know, school is just ending for this year.  However, the time is now to put some dates on your calendar.  High school soccer is not that far off; the first games are scheduled to kick off on August 17.  With one more high school (welcome Thunder Ridge) adding two more varsity and JV teams for the 2018 season.  With 276 matches currently scheduled, the need for referees has never been greater. 

Registration for high school referees will begin July 10.  Follow the instructions below.  If you haven't refereed high school before or know of someone who is interested, please contact Rick Spielman (D6 Rules Interpreter) or Bobbi Tracy (D6 Commissioner) for information.

High school soccer referee registration may be accomplished by going to the Idaho High School Activities Association web site and following the instructions there.   Note that high school referee registration may notwork with Internet Explorer (unless you modify it to emulate Chrome or Edge, even then, problems might arise).  Please use Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari.

Registration Dates: July 10 Aug 13, 2018
Fees: $40
Late Fee: An additional fee of $25 will be assessed for registrations occurring after midnight Aug 13, 2018
Out-of-State Officials: If you are also registered in one of the reciprocity states (Montana, Wyoming, Utah) and want to also work games in Idaho, you only need to pay a $10 fee.  Non-reciprocity states (Oregon, Washington) MUST pay the full registration fee.

Please contact Brynn Knudson at with any questions regarding becoming a certified official.

Also, put August 9 on your calendar as we will hold the District 6 Soccer Rules Clinic at 8 PM in the Media Room at Idaho Falls High School.  

New ISRC District 2 Referee Administator

The Idaho State Referee Committee named Rick Spielman as the new District 2 Referee Administrator (DRA).  In this role, Rick will assist the ISRC in meeting the needs of the District 2 referees.  There are four districts in Idaho with district 2 covering all of eastern Idaho.  The four DRAs are ex officio (non-voting) members of the ISRC.  Rick is looking forward to working with all the referees in east Idaho to advance the game of soccer and, specifically, improving and expanding the ranks of soccer officials in the area. 

Interesting Link
Use this link to see a great job by an AR under tough circumstances.  A real credit to the profession.

Check out this link regarding what it takes to be a professional referee.



The web master (LOL) for the SRSOA site is Rick Spielman.  If you have information that should be posted to this site, please send it to him at  Alternatively, you may call him in the evenings or text his cell at 208-569-6107.